Private guitar lessons, left & right hand technique, arrangements, chord progressions, harmony, all kinds of scales and modes. Arpeggios.
Repertoire of songs in English and Spanish, classical guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, learning how to read scores or tablature.

Latin-American repertoire, Tango, Folklore, American Folk, Blues, Jazz, Real Book standards, Caribbean rhythms.  Song writing workshop, Chord technique.

Classical guitar preparation w/ technique and score methods.

 Argentine music and Bossanova, Southamerican repertoire. Lyrics in Spanish.

Southamerican repertoire for Charango: technique of hands, strumming, arpeggio, scales, chords, different rhythms of Southamerican folklore.

Ukulele: Chords, scales, songs in English and Spanish. Technique of hands, repertoire.

Piano for beginners & pre-intermediate students: Chords, scales, songs in English and Spanish.

Music tutoring for kids: guitar, ukulele, piano. Instruments & singing. English – Spanish language.